Co-op Days Are Here Again!

In less than one week we will start our 2019-2020 community year! This is always an exciting time for both the kids and the adults. Before we meet next Tuesday, here are some important things you need to know:

Co-Op Day Point of Contact: Should a situation arise during the co-op day (building issues, visitors, late arrivals, questions, etc.) and you need assistance, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Megan Cissel at 757-651-5297. Megan will be available to help you each Tuesday from 9 am to 12:00 pm. Please put her number in your cell phone for quick access.

1st Day Arrival Time: If you are a tutor or volunteer working the first block, please arrive at 8:30 am for a brief meeting in the front foyer (double glass doors). All others may enter the building at 8:50 am. Please remember doors remain locked throughout the co-op day.

Lockers: All students grades K-12 may use the lockers in the upstairs hallway this year. Please lock your locker using a combination lock and give that combination to the front desk attendant. Please do not store food or perishables in your locker.

Sign-In/Out: Please sign-in/out with the attendant at the front reception desk located in the front foyer.

Thank you, OASIS co-op: After two years of loyal service to the Fredericksburg homeschool community, OASIS Homeschool Cooperative at Salem Fields decided to close their doors at the end of the 2019 school year. At that time the Board of Directors chose VCHC to be the benefactor of their remaining supplies and funds. Over the summer break, VCHC received a generous donation in the amount of $250, as well as many wonderful supplies that are sure to bless our community. We were humbled and grateful to these wonderful women for considering us and blessing us with this gift. As a thank-you, VCHC will have a card at the front desk for our members to sign and write a special note of thanks to our friends at OASIS. Students and parents, please take some time on the first day to sign this special card so that we may send it to them quickly.

During our lunch break, on the first day, we will record a quick video of our group yelling "THANK YOU!" to send to Amy Slaughter, Founder and Director of OASIS, as well. She is sure to get a big kick out of it! :)

Lunch: Lunch takes place from 12:00 pm to 12:25 pm. Please do not arrive to the lunch area any earlier than 12:00 pm! Lunch is not provided by the co-op, so please bring a bag lunch. The kitchen area is available for our use if a microwave or refrigerator is needed. All students and parents are responsible for cleaning their tables upon departure. NO NUT PRODUCTS, PLEASE.

Also...please bring your own napkins and utensils.

Tuition Payments/Supply Fees: All tuition payments and supply fees are due the first day of class (unless a prior arrangement has been made). Please come prepared with cash or check. Payments for classes are made to the individual tutors. The front desk will not accept tuition payments.

CLASS SCHEDULE: Please print a copy of the VCHC Course Schedule (located in the Member File Cabinet) for your student to reference throughout the co-op day. This schedule contains class titles, room numbers, and times for all classes held at VCHC. Some tutors will have signs, but not all. Hint: minimize the schedule, print, laminate, and attach to your child's book bag for quick reference :)

Study Hall: Unfortunatelly, VCHC is not able to offer a supervised study hall this year due to lack of volunteer support in this area. Students not enrolled in a class may use the front foyer as a quiet study area when not enrolled in a class. The front desk attendant will be available for "light supervision" but is not responsible for monitoring the students using this area. Please advise your child that this area is reserved for quiet study only and play/talking is not permissible.

Supplies: to ensure your child is fully prepared, please check the course description for the class supply list. Course descriptions may be found under Member Page and Course Offerings. Please click on the course icon to download the course description.

End-of-Day/Clean-up Rotation: Our co-op day will officially end at 12:30 pm. All students not attending Glee Club should exit the building no later than 12:45 pm. Families tasked with clean-up rotation may begin their duties at 12:45 pm. Families not signed up for clean-up rotation may check with the front desk to get a list of your assigned days.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday! Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

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