Fall Fundraiser

This is our second year fundraising with the Giving Bean. As many of you know, their coffee and teas are delicious and make great gifts, especially with Christmas right around the corner. All of their coffee is roasted to order and shipped within a day of processing. This is a great product and we are happy to work with them for a second year. Don't forget: because this fundraiser continues over the Thanksgiving break, it's a great opportunity to approach visiting family members! :)

Important Info:

Dates: 10/30-11/27 *Order forms and payment are due on 11/27*

Money: Payment is due upon order. Cash is always preferable. When accepting a check from a customer, please ask that the check is made payable to you, the parent. When you have collected all of your orders, please write one check for the total order, and make payable to VCHC, Inc. or The Vine Christian Homeschool Community. Bring your order form and single total payment to co-op no later than November 27th and deposit in the "Giving Bean Orders" basket located at the front desk. All checks will be deposited and orders will be placed with the Giving Bean on the 28th. Please remember to get your orders in on time!

Why are we fundraising? There are many costs associated with the operation and maintenance of VCHC. Fundraising allows us to keep our family registration fees low while offsetting the costs of running our community. With everyone's help, we can continue to do that!

Will there be prizes? Of course! Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd highest fundraising families. Prizes will remain a mystery this year. Winners and prizes will be announced on December 4th during our lunch break.

More questions?

Contact Mary Vazquez at VCHCTreasurer@gmail.com or see her at co-op during her work hours from 1:30-2:30.

Happy selling and THANK YOU for your commitment to VCHC.

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