February News

Valentine Exchange and Lunch Social NEXT WEEK 2/12

Exchange valentines and enjoy some delicious treats at our VCHC Valentine Exchange and Lunchtime Social Event to be held on 2/12!

At the start of lunch time, students will drop their valentines in their friends' valentine boxes located on the designated tables (they can't miss them). At the end of lunch, students may collect their boxes to take home and enjoy. Sweet treats will be served, so pack a lunch but leave your dessert at home.

If you would like to donate a sweet treat to this event, please click on the link below:


Students: Please bring valentines and/or small candies/toys to exchange with your friends. You will also need to bring a decorated box with your name clearly displayed (equipped with a slot big enough for cards and small treats to fit), and drop off in the Social Hall at the designated tables, when you arrive at co-op. Please do not drop off cards at this time. Students will need to take their valentines home before opening. No nut products, please!

A list of students participating in the Valentine Exchange is available on our closed member facebook page. If you need a copy of this list, please email CDurneyVCHC@gmail.com.


Looking for something warm to do in February? If you are, join some of your friends at Splitsville on Thursday, February 21st at 2pm for an afternoon of good food, a game or two of bowling, and fun fellowship with some food! Please let Shameka Mayfield know if you plan on attending so she can reserve the right number of lanes. Shoe rental is $3 and it's $3.50 per person per game. We hope to see you there! Shameka_8705@yahoo.com

Afternoon Clean Up Rotation and Start Time

Slots are still available for Afternoon Clean-Up Rotation!

As part of VCHC policy, each family is required to participate in two Afternoon Clean-Up Rotations per co-op year. This program was put in to place to help all members share the duties necessary to keep Crossroads clean and neat, after a long day of co-op. There are still several spots that need to be filled for the remainder of the year. If you have not served two clean-up days, please go to the link below to sign up. Families who fail to sign up will be contacted by the Volunteer Coordinator directly.


Members, lately we have been experiencing clean-up processes beginning earlier than the requested time of 2:30 p.m. Please, do not begin your clean-up rotation any earlier than 2:30 p.m. on your scheduled day. Starting early, with classes and students still using the building, causes others to stay late and clean up what was missed on the rotation. Again, please, do not begin your rotation any earlier than 2:30 p.m. Thank you for your support, and keeping our building clean.

Tutors Needed for 2019-2020 Co-Op Year

As you all know and understand, the majority of the classes held at VCHC are tutored by VCHC Board Members. While the members of the board thoroughly enjoy conducting classes, the combined work load of tutoring multiple classes and running the co-op has proven exhaustive at times.

In an effort to help the co-op run more efficiently, allowing administrators to focus on their specific duties and the well-being of the co-op, several of the classes offered this year will become vacant and in need of tutors for next year.

If you are interested in proposing a course, or taking over a class for next year, please contact Holly Benavidez at VCHCFred@aol.com as soon as possible. If you know of someone who would enjoy tutoring a class, we are always open to referrals.

Simply put: we cannot have a co-op without offering a variety of classes. We need your help.

Classical Ballet 2019-2020

In an effort to bring our students the best course offerings possible, VCHC is currently working with a professional Ballet Mistress to bring classical ballet to our co-op. This is wonderful opportunity for both boys and girls to expand their knowledge of movement and grace, while getting the valuable exercise they need to keep their bodies healthy.

Here is what we know so far: the course would be offered off-campus, about 5 minutes away. Several level and age-appropriate classes would be offered, during co-op hours, each running 45 minutes in length. This allows parents and students to easily take the ballet course and be back to co-op before the next class block begins. We do not have a price for the course, at this time, but it is sure to be reasonable. Dress would be conservative, yet appropriate for the class. All music used will be approved by VCHC :). A small recital will be held at the end of the year (location is to be determined).

We are still in the early planning stages of this collaboration, but we want to know what our members think about this class! If you are interested in classical ballet (you are not obligated to sign-up), please email Holly Benavidez at VCHCFred@aol.com as soon as possible. If you are an adult and would like to take Barre as an exercise program, please let us know that too! Barre is a great workout and fun to do with friends!

Spring Fundraiser

Unfortunatelly, our fall fund raiser did not go as well as planned. Due to low participation, we were forced to cancel the effort and table it for spring. Because VCHC is dependent on fundraisers to help lower costs of our registration fees, supply our courses with much needed supplies, and fund our events (taking much of the monetary burden off of the parents), we need to make another attempt at fundraising this spring.

We think you will like this one! For our Spring Fundraising Drive, VCHC has chosen Yankee Candle as our fundraising choice. Not only will we be selling candles, but also a variety of other really nice products, everyone is sure to enjoy!

Details about this sale and our prize choices will be announced soon. We are very excited about this opportunity!

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