Important Time Change to Lunch

Over the course of the last three weeks it has become apparent that our lunch hour is just too long for most students at the co-op. With the exception of our high school students, most children are understandably restless after about 20 minutes into our lunch hour. The extra time has lead to excessive horse play and excitable behavior. Students have been warned to settle down many times each week but the behavior still continues. 

Because VCHC does not have a lunchroom monitor, and we allow students of a certain age to eat without a parent, we are not equipped to handle these situations properly without causing undo stress to tutors and administrators. They need to eat too. With that said, the Board of Directors have unanimously voted to change our lunch period from the current time block (12-12:55) to 12:00 pm. to 12:30 pm beginning next week. Students will have plenty of time to enjoy lunch with friends without becoming bored and antsy. Due to special events/circumstances there may be specific days in the year that we will extend our lunch period. Everyone will be notified well in advance of these special days and time changes. 

All students of VCHC will now have 25 minutes to eat and 5 minutes to clean-up. Please note that Gym and Choir will begin promptly at 12:30 pm. Classes in the afternoon will run the full hour, as scheduled, with all co-op classes ending at 2:30 pm. Parent Volunteer Clean-up duty may now begin at 2:35. 

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