Lockers and Pictures and Costumes! Oh my!

Purchase a combination lock for your lockers!

Since VCHC opened its doors in the fall of 2017, students have periodically reported to tutors and administrators that their lockers and the contents had been tampered with outside of co-op hours. These incidents were mostly benign in nature and did not cause alarm with the Board of Directors or tutors; however, this week a few students experienced tampering that went way beyond that of a curious Sunday school attendee.

The Board of Directors met with several tutors, parents, and students this week and determined that this was not an act of one of our VCHC students. Because Crossroads Baptist is an active church serving both its members, as well as housing various community outreach programs, there is virtually no end of suspects in this incident. Therefore, in an effort to protect our precious students, and their personal space at the co-op, it is necessary to request that all students using a locker at the co-op purchase a combination lock to secure their lockers during the week. To help us further, please write your name and combination on an index card and give to the front desk attendee next Tuesday. VCHC needs to have all combinations in the event that we need to access the lockers.

Crossroads Baptist was alerted to the situation and will handle this incident within their ministry.

Picture Day!

Don't forget: picture day is Tuesday, October 23rd. Students will be called in groups from 9:30-11:30 for photographs. All students are required to have their photo taken, even if parents will not be purchasing a photo package. These pictures will be used for our yearbook. VCHC encourages all parents to consider purchasing a package to allow our co-op this wonderful opportunity every year. Details soon to follow.

Costume Dress Up Day - October 30th

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be C.S. Lewis, Anne Shirley,

Amelia Earhart, or President Trump for the day? Well, now is your chance to walk in their shoes! All VCHC students, tutors, volunteers, and administrators are invited attend co-op dressed as their favorite historical character (or literary character) on October 30th. This should be a very fun day for all who participate! A special treat will be served during our lunchtime period.

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