Updates for the week of Aug 20

Please don't forget our live Facebook online webinar starting at 7:00pm Friday, August 24. Log-in from the comfort of your home and get the answers to all of your co-op questions. Topics will include: first day expectations, handbook topics, safety protocol, and more.

Registration for co-op membership has ended! We now have 17 families and 33 students to start our 2018-2019 academic year. It's so exciting to see our community grow! If you are a current member and would like to register for more classes, please contact VCHCFred@aol.com to request placement.

Background checks....if you have not submitted your background check to VCHC through the File Cabinet, please do so as soon as possible. Receipt of results may take up to three weeks. Members who do not have a completed and clear background check on file with VCHC may not serve scheduled volunteer hours and must remain in the foyer for the co-op day until results are on file. Please take care of this today!

Clean-up Duty: if you have not signed up for your clean-up rotation, please do so as soon as possible before all of the good dates are gone! Yes, you can choose your clean-up day. Register today to reserve your spot. Invitations are in your inbox. :)

Service hours should be secured with Kelly Lawson for all members not serving in a full time volunteer position. Members must serve 5 hours in the fall semester and 5 hours in the spring. You can server more if you like! ;) These hours are vital to the safety and security of VCHC and help keep our costs low. Please contact Kelly at KLawsonVCHC@gmail.com for more information.

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