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Locker Alert

Unfortunately, over the last few months, the locker tampering we were experiencing at the beginning of the year has increased. We are certain that outside parties, not involved with our co-op, are to blame for these incidents. We are working closely with Crossroads to remedy this situation; however, VCHC must take measures to ensure our students and their belongings are safe and secure in the meantime. As such, students were informed last week during our lunch time that all lockers, not secured with a combination lock, would need to be vacated immediately. Only students securing their locker each week with a lock will be allowed to use the lockers from this point forward. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

Since some students were not present on 1/8 to hear this announcement, we are giving all students one more chance to secure their lockers, or vacate them by the end of co-op on 1/22. Any unsecured lockers not vacated by the end of the day on 1/22 will be cleaned out by volunteers. Items removed will be placed in "lost and found" box and may be retrieved at the front desk located in the front foyer. Students may have their locker back once they obtain a combination lock and register its combination with the VCHC front desk attendant.

All students must have a copy of the lock combination on file with the front desk attendant. If VCHC needs to get into the locker for any reason, having the combination on file will prevent the lock from being cut!

**Please understand that VCHC has implemented this policy to protect our students from mischievous behavior occurring outside of co-op hours.**

Just a reminder...

Lately, students have been spotted freely roaming the halls, and even the parking lots, without tutor supervision or parental oversight.

Please remember, all students should be either in class, present in study hall, or attending the Kidz Zone (from 1:30-2:30), when not in-between classes or with their parent. During lunch, students must arrive promptly and remain in the Social Hall until 12:30 p.m. At no time should students be outside of the building without tutor oversight or parental supervision. This includes dumpster runs, playground use, and retrieving items from cars. In addition, when going outside, all tutors/parents must notify the front desk of your intentions and location when leaving the building. This extra measure is in place to prevent confusion in the event of an emergency.

Front Foyer:

Only students grades 9-12 are allowed to use the front foyer, without parental supervision, as a "waiting area" as long as there is a front desk attendant present. All other students must be with a parent or front desk attendant to use the front foyer as a waiting area.

Lunchtime Bathroom Breaks:

Beginning 1/22, students must check in and out with a lunch room monitor prior to leaving the Social Hall. The monitor table will be marked with a sign so students will know who is the monitor on duty for that day. Please alert your student to this new policy.

2019-2020 Class Offerings and Tutor Positions

It seems early, but we are already looking ahead to our next co-op year! In advance of the spring registration drive, we would like to hear from our parents regarding registration plans, course suggestions, tutor positions, and program ideas for the 2019-2020 co-op year. On 1/22, please take some time to fill out the VCHC Member Questionnaire Form located at the front desk. When complete, please drop your questionnaire in the marked basket. We want to hear from you as we move to improve and grow VCHC in the coming year! :) Your suggestions are valuable!

Snow! Snow! Snow!

As this update is being written, it's snowing outside! If the last few weeks are any indication of the weather for the remainder of the winter season, we could expect more snow days ahead. This could mean the possibility of more co-op days being canceled. We hope this will not be the case.

In the event of a closure, an update will be posted to FaceBook, VCHC News and Updates, and Email as soon as a decision is made.

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