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It's a new year and a great time to start thinking about the 2020-2021 academic year at VCHC. After much consideration, the Board of Directors will be stepping down from their rigorous tutoring schedules in 2020-2021 to improve the functionality of the community as a whole. Due to this decision and based on parent surveys and high enrollment volume in certain courses, VCHC is currently seeking tutors and assistant tutors to teach the following classes for our community this coming fall: 

Upper School 9th-12th





Writing and Rhetoric (Classical Academic Press)

Omnibus (Veritas) I, II - History, Literature, and Theology, combined. 

Yearbook (Graphic Design, Photography) 2 hour course

Middle School 7th-8th



Veritas Transitions (History)


Writing and Rhetoric (Classical Academic Press)

Yearbook (Graphic Design, Photography) 2 hour course

Lower School 1st-6th

Courses will be scheduled in grade level-appropriate offerings (ie.3rd/4th, 5th/6th).



History (Veritas, 1815-Present, curriculum provided)



Kindergarten K5 One tutor or set of co-tutors needed for 3 to 4 courses to run a full day.

PreSchool (Age 3-4 years) Set of co-tutors needed for 3 to 4 courses to run a full day. 

If you are interested in tutoring one or more of the above listed classes, please email at: no later than 2/25/2020. If you would like to offer a class that is not listed, please indicate that as well.

New in 2020 is our Tutor Referral Plan. If you know of someone in the local area who could potentially be a great fit for our community and willing to tutor a course, please fill out a referral card (located at the front reception desk) and drop it in the referral box for us to review no later than 2/25/2020. If your tutor is approved to offer a course in 2020-2021, you will receive a $20 discount on your upcoming registration fees. 

Please understand that we will not accept tutor applications or referrals after 2/25/2020. As you know, without tutors we will not have a community.

Email or see Holly Benavidez directly with questions.

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